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A Digital Asset Investment Company

Brockly LLC is an online investment company with a deep focus on building, buying, and managing web properties. Our primary strategy is based on acquiring businesses which are aged and have a proven track record with a steady flow of customers within specific niches.

There are many ways to manage investments and while there are traditional ways using stocks, bonds, property, and more, we prefer to focus in on one asset class and developing our skills. 

Do you have an Existing Web Property with an established customer base and revenue stream that you would like to sell?

Contact us and tell us a bit more about your site.

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Investment Focus

Content Websites

With the growing age of the internet and access becoming available to users globally more and more everyday, the internet has more and more users.

Those users are searching for answers to questions. While answers may already exist, people are always looking for a second voice or opinion. 

With that in mind we are acquiring existing Content sites and looking to improve them with top industry tools and experts.

Digital Products

The online world has made it possible for everyone to have a global platform at their fingertips. With that platform, people can become bloggers, journalists, novelists, and more.

This leaves us with the opportunity to acquire some great products such as Ebooks, digital patterns, courses and so on.

After acquisition we use our existing network, platforms and resources to improve their quality and availability to users everywhere.

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